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Banned because I killed two of your team members

Ok, so I played HC 200% server today, killed two of your team members (BAD) in two tanks and baaaam, instant kick/ban afterwards. Can't stand to die sometimes? SO, SO LAME !!



you are right. You was kicked by an Admin for baseraping.

We dont like that gameplay.

You can kill members, admins and other players how often you can but dont shoot into the base!

So you are free to play on our server but please play with our rules.

thx & pozdrav

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..and pls stop flaming! thats not the way to deal with a concern! thx.

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Bill Popo - thank you for your answer and explanation. But I was not baseraping, both guys were already heavily engaging E and I flanked them from the far right. Don't know if the server log shows the position of the players. The situation was like on the map below, I was on 1 and they were on 2 and 3. It was certainly not my intention to baserape and on that position it would be impossible because hill protects the base. I am only sorry that I wasn't recording, it would be very clear what happened.

xXEngelmacherXx - I agree it is not politically correct to flame, sorry, but it's also not OK to be kicked/banned out of rage for killing the player who has power to do that.