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ENGLISH BadBoys Merchandise / Order Deadline 15.Oktober.2021

Many of our Guests and Member spoken to us that they would like to have a Tshirt or Hoddie again – so now we have a New Collection

  • Community Shirt
    Community Hoddie
    Community Zipper ( Limited Edition )
    Grenade Coffeecup  BC2 Style
    Community Sticker Set ( High Qualitiy Plot)


How u can Order ? It is pretty simple

  • You can Download the Ordersheet here   Download Ordersheet
    Go to Link -> EXCEL ONLINE
    If you have Microsoft Excel installed u can directly open the file
    Upload the Ordersheet to Aspose ( link from Step2 )
    Order what u want type the Pieces in F
    Wait 10 Seconds he will calculate
    Please Fill all Informationen  - Adress
    In the Top Right – on Download as XLSX
    Send us the File to  ->


As you can imagine, the community earns a little bit on each article, since we have no community contribution or other obligations, we can cover the annual costs for the website, Teamspeak, Origin Server Key BadBoys and much more.


Please note that it is a pre-order - in which everything can be ordered - some items have a different price after the October 15th deadline - or are even no longer orderable, such as the ZipHoddie

If u have questions u can come to Teamspeak and speak to

Bill Popovic
• Smaster
• Psychold


This Offer is not only for our Member – if you are a Guest and will have a Fanshirt or support the Community  you can Order. For international shipping we have to charge an extra Cost of 5 euros on top of the Order


Thank You